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Long Island Strawberry 950

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Strawberries have been synonymous with Long Island for as long as the Island has been inhabited. And strawberry season can only mean one thing: the arrival of Summer!

One sip of our luscious strawberry green tea and your senses will whisk you away to warmer climes, to a relaxing drive past roadside fruit stands piled high with fresh, sweet, juicy berries.

We have combined our high-quality sencha with strawberry, papaya, cornflower, and natural flavourings, to produce a light, fresh cup that really is exceptionally smooth.

Best enjoyed straight up after a brewing time of around 2-4 minutes at 90°C/194°F, we are confident that you will agree this is the perfect blend.

On a hot Summer’s day, this tea can also be served over ice as a refreshing thirst quencher.

What the Tea Master has to say: “Exceptionally bright strawberry flavour - true to the fruit. The cup exhibits lovely mouth feel with a slightly astringent lift. Best steeped 3 minutes or so.”

  • CUP FLAVOUR: Deep summer - luscious strawberry and green tea.
  • TERROIR: Think roadside strawberries on the way to Montauk. Drink in the feeling. Life is good.
  • All METZ teas are small batch blended and packed in Canada
  • HACCP certified
  • 100% trackable for food safety
  • Individually wrapped biodegradable and compostable pyramid whole leaf tea bags.
  • Packaged in box made of recycled paper.

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