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Cochin Masala Chai 951

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Cochin Masala Chai 951

25 Individually sealed pyramid tea bags.

Allow yourself to be transported back in history, to a time when the British East India Company and the ancient spice trade was thriving. To serene Cochin on the southwestern coast of Kerala, where some say India and China collide.

This was when the Indians put their own spin on the British preparation of tea, adding their own unique blend of spices to create the sweet, spicy, milky nirvana that is chai.

Close your eyes and you can visualise the Chai Wallahs on the street corners with their steel pots and kettles full of the simmering liquid. Now take a sip of our luxury METZ whole leaf blend, and you will understand why chai is quite simply a way of life in India.

  • CUP FLAVOUR: Full bodied with a ginger cardamom finish.
  • All METZ teas are small batch blended and packed in Canada
  • HACCP certified
  • 100% trackable for food safety
  • Individually wrapped biodegradable and compostable pyramid whole leaf tea bags.
  • Packaged in box made of recycled paper.

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