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Organic Jasmine Gold Dragon 520

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Organic Jasmine Gold Dragon 520

25 Individually sealed pyramid tea bags.

This exquisitely fragrant Spring tea hails from the Jiangxi province of China; where the succulent greenery of the rice paddies and tea plantations is contrasted against dramatic mountain ranges, rising upward into the misty skies.

Said to be a symbol of wealth and abundance, the tea is made by layering luxury grade organic green tea with midnight-blossom jasmine petals and the resulting cup is a sweet, floral masterpiece.

Best enjoyed simply, with no additions, we recommend a brewing time of 2-4 minutes using more temperate water (90°C/194°F) for a deliciously mild cup.

What the Tea Master has to say: “Nice tea – very floral and clean. Definitely not run-of-the-mill jasmine. An exceptional green tea that won’t turn bitter if over-steeped – a trait of high grown green teas.”

  • CUP FLAVOUR: May jasmine in abundance. Bright and exquisite
  • All METZ teas are small batch blended and packed in Canada
  • HACCP certified
  • 100% trackable for food safety
  • Individually wrapped biodegradable and compostable pyramid whole leaf tea bags.
  • Packaged in box made of recycled paper.

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